North Fayette Elementary School Counseling

School Counseling Program

-Mission -

The mission of North Fayette Elementary School Counseling Program is to ensure all students have the necessary tools for achievement and growth in academics, career exploration, and personal/social domains and to strive to remove barriers that impede any student from enhancing his/her individual  giftedness.



School Counseling Goals

Each year, I review school data and determine school counseling goals to help NFE students to achieve!

This year the school counseling goals are:

  1. Students in the school engagement small group will decrease absences by 25% and increase score on GA Milestone by one growth level  in ELA or Math.
  2. Students with at least 2+ major and 1+ minor discipline referrals from 2015-16 will decrease discipline incidents by 25% for the 2016-17 school year.
  3.  Increase student knowledge of careers through exploration in counseling lessons, career speakers, and a 5th grade career portfolio. 100% for CCRPI career lessons and portfolios will be complete.

2011-2014 ASCA RAMP Award School

 In 2011, NFE received the American School Counselor Association’s RAMP award.  It recognizes schools that are committed to delivering a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program and an exemplary educational environment.  In the 7 years since the award’s inception, less than 400 schools nation-wide have received this prestigious award.                                               Learn more about RAMP

Pictures from ASCA 2011 Conference

Mrs. Sherwood receiving the award

Mrs. Sherwood and Ms. Hubbard (Burch) with ASCA president

North Fayette Elem. RAMP Award